Fly Brother with Ernest White II

FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II is a travel docu-series about friendship and connection around the world, featuring storyteller and explorer Ernest White II. In each half-hour episode, Ernest's real-life friends show him a city or region from their perspective. With a focus on connecting with the people as well as the place, FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II proves that the whole world is our tribe. Throughout the season we explore a common thread that bonds these destinations together, such as food, faith, natural elements, and culture.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Addis Ababa: Coffee and Faith 11.35/29 3:30 pm
Cape Town: The City Beautiful 11.36/26 3:30 pm
Mumbai: Liquid Abundanc 11.35/22 3:30 pm
Ovamboland: Northern Exposure 11.35/8 3:30 pm
Stockholm: Le Jazz Hot 11.35/15 3:30 pm
Tajikistan: Crown of the World 11.36/19 3:30 pm
Toronto: Pride and Joy 11.35/1 3:30 pm