Pocket Sketching

You just changed my life: I can do this! From the beginning, this program is designed so a raw beginner can follow along and enjoy the fun of success, while the advanced artist finds a fast, totally portable, compact technique that goes everywhere. Each episode demonstrates a new skill with an easy to do lesson. Discover the joy of sketching anywhere in 25 minutes or less, fearlessly. Learn enough to play for a lifetime!

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Changing an Existing Sketch by using your Computer's Copier 11.36/3 3:00 pm
Color and Color Mixing 11.35/27 3:00 pm
Focal Point 11.35/20 3:00 pm
Introduction of Pocket Sketching and the Unique Supplies 11.35/6 3:00 pm
Perspective of Color and Contrast, Using a Photograph 11.35/18 3:00 pm
Really Wet Watercolor on a Small Scale 11.36/8 3:00 pm
Speed of Execution 11.36/10 3:00 pm
Use of Color and Contrast to Pull A Boring Sketch 11.36/1 3:00 pm
Use of Color and Field Use of the Pocket Sketching Bag (Plein Air) 11.35/13 3:00 pm
Value of the Water Soluble Pen 11.35/11 3:00 pm
Water 11.35/4 3:00 pm 11.36/17 3:00 pm
Where to Start and How 11.35/25 3:00 pm
Working In Public Among People 11.36/15 3:00 pm