My World Too

MY WORLD TOO is a magazine-style series that tackles global issues such as food production, clean energy, and housing, among other topics. Throughout the country, people are harvesting a bounty of ideas to help care for the only home we have: planet Earth. This series shares these inspirational stories of environmental stewardship, organic practices, and Earth-friendly innovations that viewers can learn from and apply in their own lives.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Charging Corridors/After The Harvest 11.13/4 8:00 am
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage 11.14/22 8:00 am
Heirloom,Hybrid,Gmo Seeds/Clean Air Now 11.14/8 8:00 am
Indigenous Culture/Ev Revolution 11.14/15 8:00 am
Madison Stitch/Madison Flitch/AY Young and The Battery Tour 11.14/1 8:00 am
New Reflections/The WindEXCHANGE 11.13/25 8:00 am
Scrapskc/Farmers Markets/Solar Power 11.13/18 8:00 am
Water Studies/Donna Fina Cafei 11.13/11 8:00 am