Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FLY FISHING is a documentary television series that teaches the fundamentals of fly fishing for all species, in all waters. Its purpose is simple: to demystify fly fishing, make it fun and clearly demonstrate it is both accessible and affordable to all anglers. Author and well known celebrity angler Tom Rosenbauer hosts the series and helps anglers of all ages to clearly understand the basics of fly fishing - no matter where they live. This series will provide viewers with all the necessary tools to get started - essentially the 101 of fly fishing. Best of all, it is easy and enjoyable to watch!

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Advanced Stillwater Techniques 11.38/31 2:00 pm 11.19/5 1:00 pm
Basics of Fly Fishing 11.39/14 2:00 pm 11.19/19 1:00 pm
Bass on a Fly 11.39/21 2:00 pm 11.19/26 1:00 pm
Bonefish on a Fly 11.38/10 2:00 pm 11.18/15 1:00 pm
Great Lake Steelheading 11.38/17 2:00 pm 11.18/22 1:00 pm
Modern Streamer Fishing 11.18/1 1:00 pm
Redfish on a Fly 11.39/7 2:00 pm 11.19/12 1:00 pm
Seasons of the Bass 11.38/3 1:59 pm 11.18/8 1:00 pm
Striped Bass Fly Fishing 11.38/24 2:00 pm 11.18/29 1:00 pm
Wet Flies & Nymphs 11.39/28 2:00 pm