Dinorah Desde

Dinorah is an international songstress whose love of cuisine, culture and the arts is captured in her new bilingual show, Dinorah Desde? meaning Dinorah From. Each episode is taped from a different destination and features the incredible life stories of people from all over the world. Follow her into this journey of getting to know people through their dreams, struggles, and success over food.

Series Website: http://www.dinorahdesde.com/

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Gary Vitti - Md Trainer 11.34/15 6:00 am
Graciela Brauer Ramirez 11.33/25 6:00 am
Hernand De Beky 11.33/18 6:00 am
Jose Hernandez - Astronaut 11.34/8 6:00 am
Ken Kragen 11.33/11 5:59 am
Luis Conte 11.33/4 6:00 am 11.34/29 6:00 am
Vivian Romero - City Mayor of Montebello Ca 11.34/22 6:00 am
Vivian Stancil - Senior Olympian 11.34/1 6:00 am