Inspire is KTWU's new local series designed for women. Join us for a weekly discussion on issues that impact women, as well as segments featuring women in wellness, mindfullness, cooking, travel, healthcare, finance, motherhood, to name a few. This series will create inspiration through features of women making a difference in their lives, their families, their communities, as well as in their businesses, organizations and industries, locally and around the nation. Inspiring women, Inspiring voices, Inspiring YOU, on KTWU.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Date Night 11.112/2 2:30 pm
Freedom After 50 11.112/29 8:00 pm 11.112/30 2:30 pm
Party Planning for the Pros 11.312/13 11:00 pm
Road Trip! 11.312/20 11:00 pm
Women in the Military 11.312/27 11:00 pm
Women On Wheels 11.112/15 8:00 pm 11.112/16 2:30 pm
Women's Suffrage and Equal Voting Rights 11.312/6 11:00 pm