Our Time

OUR TIME is a series produced by youth in partnership with professional documentary filmmakers. Films in the series feature character-driven stories that address social issues ranging from racial inequity to identity politics and everything in-between - all through the eyes of young people. Working hand-in-hand with award-winning, nationally recognized filmmakers and television producers, these young students produce high-caliber, emotionally driven, first-person narratives that derive from their own lived experiences.

Series Website: http://mypbs.org/z/d/www.youthdocumentary.org/ourtime/

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Blindness and Autism - BLIND SIGHTED & A LONELY HIGHWAY 11.312/1 8:00 am
Colorism in America: SHADE and WHITE CHOCOLATE 11.312/22 8:00 am
Protecting Families - SKINNED KNEES and KIK-ME! 11.312/8 8:00 am
Trans Youth in America - TRANSFORMING MEDIA and RE-FRAMING 11.312/15 8:00 am