Fit N Delicious

Join Fit n Delicious host Jaime Brenkus as he guides viewers on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Joining him on each episode are chef Dani Spies with quick and easy healthy recipes and their mentor Jack Lalanne with words of wisdom from the past. Fit n Delicious Series 100 breaks down the misconceptions about fitness, food and living your best life at any age.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Lean People. Lead Lean Lives! 11.36/30 12:00 pm
Putting The Boom Back Into Boomers 11.36/21 12:00 pm
Fuel Your Body....Don't Fool Your Body! 11.36/2 12:00 pm 11.37/19 12:00 pm
Get Up ...Fuel Up....Live It Up!!! 11.37/5 12:00 pm
Good Health Isn't About Chance. It's About Choice! 11.36/7 12:00 pm 11.37/21 12:00 pm
I Will Not Let Age Change Me - I'll Change The Age 11.36/14 12:00 pm
If You Rest ...You Rust 11.36/28 12:00 pm
It's About Time ...Or Lack Thereof 11.36/16 12:00 pm
Keeping Me A Priority 11.36/23 12:00 pm
Learn It, Live It, Lose It. You'll Love It! 11.37/14 12:00 pm
Stinking Thinking! 11.37/12 12:00 pm
The Fork and Spoon Are Your Best Pieces of Fitness 11.37/7 12:00 pm
Want Power (Not Willpower)! 11.36/9 12:00 pm 11.37/26 12:00 pm