Pocket Sketching with Kath Macaulay

POCKET SKETCHING IS designed for both beginners and the advanced artist. Beginners can follow each episode and enjoy the fun of success, while the advanced artist finds a fast, totally portable, compact technique that goes anywhere. Each episode demonstrates a new skill. Nothing is threatening: the supplies are few, and everything's compact and portable with no clean-up. Pocket Sketching demonstrates how one can capture magic on paper in 25 minutes or less.

Series Website: https://pocketsketching.com/

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Cobbled Still Life 11.310/27 9:30 am
Copying from a Magazine 11.310/13 9:30 am
Flowers and the Timer 11.310/25 9:30 am
Focal Point 11.310/11 9:30 am
Scraping 11.310/18 9:30 am
Travel Journaling 11.310/6 9:30 am
Virtual Travel 11.310/4 9:30 am
Wax As A Resist 11.310/20 9:30 am