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Sister Boniface Mysteries

Light-hearted murder mystery series starring a Vespa driving, crime solving Catholic nun: Sister Boniface. It's the 1960s and police forensics are rudimentary. Luckily the residents of Great Slaughter have a secret weapon. Sister Boniface. If there's evidence to be found, Boniface will find it, with a little help from dashing DI Sam Gillespie and buttoned-up Bermudan DS Felix Livingstone. A corpse is found stuffed inside a dummy at the local fair; tragedy hits a visiting TV crew; and a gruesome discovery is made in Edie's beloved allotment plot.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Tight Squeeze 11.14/20 10:20 pm 11.34/27 12:15 am
Dead Air 11.15/4 10:35 pm 11.35/11 12:40 am
Don't Try This at Home 11.15/25 10:20 pm
Good Samaritan 11.15/18 10:20 pm 11.35/25 12:20 am
St George's Defence 11.14/13 10:15 pm 11.34/20 12:15 am
Stage Fright 11.15/11 10:20 pm 11.35/18 12:20 am
Stiff Competition 11.14/27 10:20 pm 11.35/4 12:20 am
The Book of Shadows 11.14/6 10:16 pm 11.34/13 12:15 am
The It Girl 11.34/6 12:14 am