Portrait of a Landscape: Seasons

"Portrait of A Landscape: Seasons" is a visual masterpiece taking viewers on a journey through the diverse landscapes of Kansas, in all seasons of the year. We feature prairie fires, native wildlife, pollen-seeking insects, rock outcroppings, chalky limestone left by ancient seas, waves of golden wheat, dramatic weather, croplands and the most beautiful sunsets over the intense and serene landscapes of Kansas.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Flights of Color 11.111/29 7:00 pm 11.312/4 9:00 pm 11.112/10 3:00 pm 11.112/11 8:00 pm 11.112/22 9:30 pm 11.112/27 9:00 pm 11.112/29 7:30 pm
Prairie Winter 11.312/4 9:30 pm 11.112/27 9:30 pm