People of the Pines

This series takes us through the hidden history of the indigenous population of California. In depth views on the cultural, physical, and psychological impact presented by the Spanish empire, the Mexican government, and the American takeover are accessed. Detailed struggles, massacres, and both individual and common triumphs are discussed.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

American California 11.311/2 2:30 pm
Assimilation 11.311/16 2:30 pm
Crossroads 11.312/28 2:30 pm
Invasion and Response 11.312/14 2:30 pm
Native Resistance 11.311/9 2:30 pm
Reservation and Survival 11.312/21 2:30 pm
The Origin of the Yuhaviatam 11.311/30 2:30 pm
The World of the Serrano 11.312/7 2:30 pm