Double Trouble

Separated at birth, these twin girls are completely unaware that the other exists, until a twist of fate sees them meet in Alice Springs. When the pair discover their connection, and decide they want to meet the parent they don't know, they agree to swap lives - just for a day. Little do they know what will go wrong. When each twin becomes stranded in the other's world, the fun really starts.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Alien Alert 11.312/29 12:30 pm
Best Laid Plans 11.312/15 12:30 pm
Bush Tucker 11.312/18 12:30 pm
Double Dancing 11.312/4 12:30 pm
Going Home 11.312/6 12:30 pm
Lost in the Desert 11.312/27 12:30 pm
Mean Girls 11.312/22 12:30 pm
Sand and Surf 11.312/8 12:30 pm
The Audition 11.312/1 12:30 pm
The First Test 11.312/13 12:30 pm
The Twins 11.312/11 12:30 pm
The Water Hole 11.312/20 12:30 pm