Chaos & Courage

Chaos & Courage profiles the fearless and inspirational Indigenous women who serve, protect and rescue. From the front lines to their home fires, episodes feature powerful stories of female police officers, paramedics, rescue workers, firefighters, soldiers and advocates, all who work tirelessly in their jobs, and privately, to build connections that elevate their culture and make their communities stronger.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Coastal Queens 11.31/13 8:30 pm
Into The Fire 11.312/9 8:30 pm
Midwives 11.31/20 8:30 pm
Officer Down 11.312/16 8:30 pm
Remote Rescue 11.31/6 8:30 pm
To Hell and Back 11.312/2 8:30 pm
Tribal Police 11.312/23 8:30 pm
Urban Rescue 11.312/30 8:30 pm
Walking with Our Sisters 11.31/27 8:30 pm