Culture Stories

At Culture Story, we're learning about how people are defining their cultural identities today and how they make terms with who they are based on where their families have come from and how they're going to chart their path forward as an individual within their communities. We explore these topics under the themes of food and subsistence, family, community, fashion, and more broadly the arts. And while our focus is on Indigenous communities and people, the conversations broaden from there because inherently in our modern and globalized world that we live in, people are multicultural in nature and often are mixed race descending from many different cultures and making conscious choices and decisions about which of their cultures they most align with, how they self-identify and how they choose to invest in the community they wish to perpetuate. After listening to or watching an episode the hope is that you will have a greater understanding and appreciation for other cultures. You'll have improved cross-cultural understanding and a renewed sense of the shared humanity that connects all of us. For more information

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Indigenous Place Names Movement 11.312/31 6:40 pm