Amplify is a musical performance art documentary series that amplifies Indigenous songwriters' connection to the stories, culture, community, and the challenges and justice they stand up for. In each episode, an artist takes us through the creative process of songwriting to the finished product with breathtaking performances.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Becoming A Man of the Earth 11.312/16 8:00 pm
Broken Justice 11.312/9 8:00 pm
Enfolding 11.312/2 8:00 pm
Little Star 11.311/4 8:00 pm
Skaru:Re & Song 11.312/30 8:00 pm
Spring Break Up 11.311/18 8:00 pm
The Fire 11.311/25 8:00 pm
The Stories We Tell Ourselves 11.312/23 8:00 pm
Two Sprit Identities 11.311/11 8:00 pm