Series Information

The Awakeners

The Awakeners is a unique and powerful television series. It brings together the perspectives of both Indigenous and disabled people that share a common experience, having been in many ways, mistreated, misunderstood, and marginalized. As a performer with a special love of art, Laura will talk with these creative people as she learns about the spark that lit their imaginations and ignited their creative fire. That includes family, friends, elders, art teachers, counselors, mentors, and their influencers from the art world. And of course, your eyes and ears will be treated to a myriad of glorious sights and sounds!

Recent and Upcoming Airings

'Meegwitch, Hi Hi!' 11.36/8 5:00 pm
The Dance & The Dream 11.35/11 5:00 pm 11.36/22 5:00 pm
The Healing Culture 11.35/18 5:00 pm 11.36/29 5:00 pm
The Hope Art Carries 11.36/1 5:00 pm
The Message Is The Art 11.35/25 5:00 pm
The Search Begins 11.35/4 5:00 pm 11.36/15 5:00 pm