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Ready for This

Set in inner city Sydney, Ready for This is the story of six teenagers, all elite within their own field, each with a different agenda and different dreams. They have come together, to live at Arcadia House. For some it's the opportunity of a lifetime, for others it's a last chance. In order to survive the year, the six strangers must find a path through new challenges and adventures. A long way from home, the last thing they expect to find is family.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Wonderful Day 11.36/29 3:30 pm
Back On Track 11.36/14 3:30 pm
Blank Canvas 11.36/8 3:30 pm
Brand New Me 11.37/13 3:30 pm 11.37/19 3:30 pm
Fresh Meat 11.36/15 3:30 pm
It's Not You 11.36/28 3:30 pm
My Life 11.37/6 3:30 pm 11.37/12 3:30 pm
Shadow Boxing 11.36/7 3:30 pm
Stage Fright 11.37/5 3:30 pm
The Birthday Party 11.36/22 3:30 pm
The Crocodile 11.36/21 3:30 pm
The Golden Sneaker 11.37/20 3:30 pm 11.37/26 3:30 pm
The Solo 11.36/1 3:30 pm 11.37/27 3:30 pm