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Joy of Painting with Nicholas Hankins: Bob Ross' Unfinished Season

In 1994, Bob Ross started preparing paintings for his Joy of Painting Series 32. Sadly, he passed away before he could take them into the studio. Now, charismatic Certified Ross Instructor and YouTube phenom Nicholas Hankins, having studied these last paintings of Bob's for years, brings the beautiful, never-before-seen masterpieces to public television. Nicholas remains ferociously loyal to Bob's world-famous painting technique and presents the new series in a way that would make Bob incredibly proud. THE JOY OF PAINTING WITH NICHOLAS HANKINS: BOB ROSS' UNFINISHED SEASON shows viewers Bob's practice canvases as they see how Nicholas brings them alive in real time.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

11.17/16 2:30 pm 11.37/24 8:30 am
Alpine Meadow 11.17/23 2:30 pm 11.37/31 8:30 am
Galaxy Grandeur 11.17/30 2:30 pm
Midnight Breaker 11.17/9 2:30 pm 11.37/17 8:30 am
Misty Mountain Morning 11.16/4 2:30 pm 11.36/12 8:30 am
Moonlit?Serenade 11.16/18 2:30 pm 11.36/26 8:30 am
September Song 11.17/2 2:30 pm 11.37/10 8:30 am
Storm's Arrival 11.16/11 2:30 pm 11.36/19 8:30 am
Trapper's Retreat 11.16/25 2:30 pm 11.37/3 8:30 am