Second Opinion

Fast-paced and provocative, SECOND OPINION focuses on health literacy in an engaging, entertaining and accessible way. The long-running series engages a panel of medical professionals and lay people in honest, in-depth discussions about complex health issues and life-changing medical decisions. Host Dr. Peter Salgo, who maintains a full-time practice at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, presents intriguing, real-life medical cases to professionals representing a variety of specialties. As the experts grapple with the diagnosis and treatment options, viewers gain an understanding of doctors' decision-making process. This season, topics include: psoriasis, chronic pain management, medical radiation, pituitary gland tumor, living with Alzheimer's, pneumonia, autism and more.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Addiction & Recovery 11.21/9 5:00 am 11.21/9 10:30 am
Childhood Vaccines 11.212/5 5:00 am 11.212/5 10:30 am
Congenital Heart Disease 11.21/16 5:00 am 11.21/16 10:30 am
Depression 11.212/19 5:00 am 11.212/19 10:30 am
Hypothyroidism 11.21/23 5:00 am 11.21/23 10:30 am
Insomnia 11.21/30 5:00 am 11.21/30 10:30 am
Millennial Health 11.212/12 5:00 am 11.212/12 10:30 am
Rheumatoid Arthritis 11.212/26 5:00 am 11.212/26 10:30 am
Smoking Cessation 11.21/2 5:00 am 11.21/2 10:30 am