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Join our growing circle of nearly 2000 sustainers who believe in KTWU PBS’s mission to provide programs and services that enrich the lives of the communities our signal reaches.

Show your ongoing commitment to public media with an automated monthly donation through your checking account or credit card. You are also welcome to donate monthly via check, money order or in USD. Your monthly gifts will continue until you let us know to stop.

If your yearly donations total over $60, you will receive exclusive access to our streaming service, PBS Passport’s, and its expansive library of PBS programs, our monthly program guide, our monthly email newsletter and the exclusive MemberCard. Donating at higher levels brings more benefits to members like KTWU Kid’s Club membership at $150 a year and invites to private station events at $365 a year.

Donations via sustainer plans can be broken down into smaller monthly payments to help make supporting KTWU easier on your family budget. Sustainer plans that enable you to receive our streaming service PBS Passport start as low as $5 a month for the year.

Better for YOU!

  • More convenient.
  • Membership is always active and skips annual cycle of pledges and renewals – no more renewal notices!
  • Increase, decrease, or suspend your membership donation at any time with a low monthly minimum of $5.00.
  • You’ll never have to worry about having a lapse in your membership

Better for KTWU!

  • Provides a dependable and ongoing funding source that allows KTWU to take a planned and long-term approach.
  • Ensures that KTWU has the ability to air the great programs you enjoy, year after year.
  • Reduced administrative costs.
  • Helps KTWU save time, money and reduce environmental impact at the same time!

Frequently asked questions

Please visit the donate page to make your additional gift. 

Yes, sustainers are eligible to receive a thank you gift equivalent to your annual giving level. Your yearly financial commitment must be at least 50% met before your thank gift item will be ordered.  If you have questions regarding the gift selection or to confirm your eligibility, please call us at 785-670-1111.

You may request to cancel your membership at any time calling us at 785-670-1111.  Please be certain you receive a message back from us confirming that we have stopped your monthly contributions. 

Yes, the match will be based on the full amount of your contribution. Companies participating in the Matching Gift program will only match once your entire contribution is received in full.