My Greek Table with Diane Kochilas

Hosted by chef, cookbook author and restaurateur Diane Kochilas, the 13-part culinary series MY GREEK TABLE WITH DIANE KOCHILAS celebrates Greek history and culture through food. In the series, Diane travels throughout Greece and its surrounding islands where she showcases many of the foods that Greece is known for (olive oil, feta, honey, yogurt and more), while giving a snapshot of the country's traditions. Then Diane heads back to her kitchen to whip up simple home-cooked meals using the ingredients she highlights in each episode, offering tips on how to cook and pair them in a traditional Greek meal.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Bite of Greek Red Wine 11.32/22 11:00 am
Ancient Grains for Modern Cooks 11.32/1 11:00 am
Crete: Mother of the Mediterranean 11.33/29 11:00 am
Greek Mountain Cheeses 11.33/8 11:00 am
Life of Pie 11.33/22 11:00 am
Meze Society 11.32/15 11:00 am
Olive Oil Everything 11.32/8 11:00 am
Santorini: Flavors of a Volcano 11.33/15 11:00 am
The Lesvos Spirit 11.33/1 11:00 am