Series Information

Molly of Denali

This series follows the adventures of Molly, a feisty and resourceful Alaska Native girl, as she helps her parents run the Denali Trading Post in their Alaskan village. Viewers are introduced to the rich history and modern-day experience of family life in the heart of the Alaskan tundra through the eyes of Molly, her parents, and her friends. Designed to help kids develop skills around informational text such as using a map and following an instruction manual, this is the first nationally distributed children's series in the U.S. to feature an Alaska Native lead character.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Fin Romance/Follow That Hat 11.36/19 6:00 am 11.36/25 6:00 am
A Little Batty/The Clean Up Mix Up 11.35/20 6:00 am
A Qyah Juneteenth/The Mystery of the Missing Meat 11.36/17 6:00 am 11.36/21 6:00 am
A Whale of a Time/That's Snow Fun 11.35/23 6:00 am
Art from the Heart/Gold Strikeout 11.35/10 6:00 am
Berry Itchy Day/Herring Eggs Or Bust 11.35/3 6:00 am
Bubbling Up/Eenie Eenie Aye Over 11.35/29 6:00 am
Cabbagezilla/Name Game 11.35/1 6:00 am
Cry Wolf/A Sound Idea 11.36/14 6:00 am
Culture Clash/Party Moose 11.35/16 6:00 am
Eagle Egg Hunt/Dream Tube 11.35/9 6:00 am
Fiddle of Nowhere/A Splash of Mink 11.35/31 6:00 am
Fili-Bascan Chefs/Ladybug Sleepover 11.35/22 6:00 am
Forget-You-Not/Fire, Food, & Family 11.36/10 6:00 am
Good for the Goose/Whistle Work 11.36/18 6:00 am 11.36/24 6:00 am
Grandpa's Drum/Have Canoe, Will Paddle 11.35/6 6:00 am
Heat Wave/It Came from Beyond 11.35/13 6:00 am
Home Made Heroes/Molly and the Snow Hawk 11.35/8 6:00 am
Hot Springs Eternal/Tooeys Hero 11.35/2 6:00 am
Ice Sculpture/Tale of a Totem 11.36/7 6:00 am
Meteorite, Out of Sight/Not A Mascot 11.35/17 6:00 am 11.36/27 6:00 am
Midnight Sun Fun Run/Molly Oodi' Heekha 11.36/4 6:00 am
Mouse in the Treehouse/Leader of the Pack 11.35/15 6:00 am
Mystery in the Night Sky/Lights, Camera, Patak! 11.35/30 6:00 am
New Nivagi/Crane Song 11.35/28 6:00 am
Puppy Sitting/Big Dreams and Blue Skies 11.36/6 6:00 am
Reading The Mud/Unsinkable Molly Mabray 11.36/3 6:00 am
Sap Season/Book of Mammoths 11.35/14 6:00 am
Steam Bath Ch'oondaii/in the Dark of Day 11.35/24 6:00 am 11.36/28 6:00 am
Sticker Shock/A Song for Lola 11.36/12 6:00 am
Sukis Bone/Brand New Flag 11.35/7 6:00 am
The Qyah Ice Classic/The Great Qyah Cleanup 11.35/27 6:00 am
The Story of the Story Knife/Raven Saves the Birthday Party 11.35/21 6:00 am
Tooth Or Consequences/Qyah Spy 11.36/5 6:00 am
Tusk, Tusk, and More Tusk/The Jokulhlaup Is On Us 11.36/20 6:00 am 11.36/26 6:00 am
Wild Moose Chase/Where The Bison Roam 11.36/13 6:00 am