Lucky Chow

LUCKY CHOW travels across the United States to explore Asian cuisine's impact on American food culture. The un-hosted six-part series explores a wide variety of Asian food and drink - from a famous Japanese noodle dish to Korean kimchi to Chinese fusion - while meeting the new generation of chefs and entrepreneurs dedicated to keeping the traditions alive.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Asian Farm to Table 11.33/28 4:30 pm
Bay Area's Pacific Rim Cuisine 11.33/7 4:30 pm
Chinatown, Reimagined 11.33/14 4:30 pm
Filipino Entrepreneurs 11.32/28 4:30 pm
Koreatown U.S.A 11.32/14 4:30 pm
Northern Thai Cuisine 11.32/21 4:29 pm
Ramen Mania 11.32/7 4:30 pm
Trending Japanese 11.33/21 4:30 pm