Sunflower Journeys

In the Fall of 1987, public television station KTWU-TV began to produce a series of programs related to Kansas history, geography and culture. Currently broadcast throughout the state of Kansas, Sunflower Journeys has evolved into a series that covers a broad range of topics illustrating various aspects of the past, present and future of the Sunflower State. Bolstered by the ongoing support of the Kansas Humanities Council, the series draws upon the expertise of local scholars to provide thoughtful explorations of the state and its social, cultural and natural resources. Each year, KTWU-TV produces a new series of programs for the Sunflower Journeys series. These programs primarily feature the insights of knowledgeable individuals who provide the expertise and experiences upon which the resulting stories are based. Although the three segments of each program are designed to complement each other, they may also be viewed separately, which may be desirable for classroom settings.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Agriculture 11.36/25 12:30 pm
All Things Outdoors 11.17/7 8:30 pm 11.17/9 5:30 pm
Art 11.36/11 12:30 pm
Central Kansas 11.17/21 8:30 pm 11.17/23 5:30 pm
Chautauqua 11.17/28 8:30 pm 11.17/30 5:30 pm
Education 11.36/18 12:30 pm
Events & Destinations 11.37/23 12:30 pm
Exploring The Glacial Hills 11.17/14 8:30 pm 11.17/16 5:30 pm
Festivals 11.37/30 12:30 pm
Heritage Tourism 11.16/23 8:30 pm
Kansas History 11.37/16 12:30 pm
Learning Opportunities 11.16/16 8:30 pm 11.16/25 5:30 pm
Places to Visit 11.37/2 12:30 pm
Recreation 11.37/9 12:30 pm
Remembering Wwi - 100 Years Later 11.36/4 12:30 pm
Remote Places 11.16/2 8:30 pm 11.16/18 5:30 pm
Theatrical Arts 11.16/30 8:30 pm 11.17/2 5:30 pm