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This Is Indian Country with Ruth-Ann Thorn

There were 100 million Native/indigenous people on this they are the smallest minority group in America! Travel with Native host Ruth-Ann Thorn to discover the first people in a new series, "This is Indian Country." Learn about the land and why every place in America is Indian land with a rich, Intriguing history behind it. Meet modern Natives...Some live in cities and others on the reservations. See firsthand the diversity within a tribal culture. The "sad Indian" story will be looked at through the lens of resilience and stereotypes of what an American Indian looks like will be turned upside down as native people are shown doing incredible things through creative venues. Ruth-Ann Thorn is a documentary-styled interview host that travels to capture Native creators. The program is an immersive cultural experience and offers one of the finest assemblages of the culture from the artistic lens and can be seen on FNX. Ms. Thorn, San Diegan and of the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians, brings to her docuseries her native American experience; Her mother was an artist and was involved in the women's rights movement, while her father, part of the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians, was one of the first Native Americans to occupy Alcatraz in an effort to gain equal rights for the Native Americans living on reservations, who at the time weren't allowed to vote.

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Minnesota 'Land Back' 11.37/28 4:30 pm