Cook's Country

COOK'S COUNTRY features the best regional home cooking - from potluck dinners and holiday favorites to simple suppers and lost recipes. The Daytime Emmy - nominated series takes the same practical,no-nonsense and scientific approach as Cook's Countrymagazine by providing home cooks with foolproof recipes and cooking techniques developed through rigorous investigation and careful testing. In season seven, test kitchen chefs Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison cook a variety of family-friendly recipes with host Christopher Kimball. From the porch of the COOK'S COUNTRY farmhouse, Kimball introduces educational "Food History" segments about the origins of certain regional recipes. Jack Bishop challenges Kimball to taste - and rank - blue cheese dressing, frozen French fries, egg noodles and other supermarket staples in front of a live studio audience. Adam Ried, the test kitchen's resident equipment expert, takes Kimball through his unbiased equipment recommendations for the home cook - from cookie sheets to salad spinners and other household items. Each episode includes a "Cooking Class" featuring Kimball and Lancaster sharing practical test kitchen tips and techniques. This season, they cover buying fish, cleaning a grill and hard-cooking eggs.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Bbq Thighs and Fried Peach Pies 11.36/24 3:30 pm
Big Flavors from Little Italy 11.17/7 12:30 pm
Biting Into The Big Easy 11.16/23 12:30 pm
Bourbon and Broccoli Hit The Grill 11.37/8 3:30 pm
Cast Iron Comforts 11.37/29 3:30 pm
Pork and Pierogi 11.17/14 12:30 pm
Prime Rib with All The Fixings 11.16/30 12:30 pm
Ribs and Mashed Potatoes Revisited 11.37/1 3:30 pm
Smoky Barbecue Favorites 11.36/10 3:30 pm 11.17/28 12:30 pm
Smothered and Dowdied 11.36/17 3:30 pm
Southern Discoveries 11.37/22 3:30 pm
Southern Stews 11.16/16 12:30 pm
Spicy and Sour for Supper 11.36/3 3:30 pm 11.17/21 12:30 pm
Straight from So-Cal 11.37/15 3:30 pm