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Yoga In Practice

Yoga is the art and science of aligning the mind, body and spirit to live a richer and more authentic life. It promotes increased awareness, strength and flexibility while reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga may also decrease pain related to common problems such as lower back, hip or shoulder injuries. YOGA IN PRACTICE is a new 13-part series led by master instructor Stacey Millner-Collins of Columbia, South Carolina, who first began the practice in 1994 as a way to unite a dedicated physical discipline with a spiritual one. The series is designed to teach the foundations of yoga to the at-home student, and to encourage a daily yoga practice that is more than simply physical exercise. Each episode focuses on a universal theme, such as "courage" or "the art of slowing down," and includes basic meditation and breathing techniques, further reducing the stress and anxiety associated with modern life.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Moving Meditation - Gravity and Direction 11.16/13 5:30 am
Allow Yourself to Soar 11.16/4 5:30 am
Become An Able Vessel 11.16/5 5:30 am
Becoming Your Best Self 11.16/19 5:30 am
Being Steady in the Unknown 11.15/14 5:30 am
Breath and Relaxation 11.15/2 5:30 am
Breathing Into Awareness 11.15/3 5:30 am
Connect to Your Softer Side 11.16/10 5:30 am
Cultivate Self-Respect 11.16/3 5:30 am
Cultivating Confidence 11.15/7 5:30 am
Fearlessly Open Your Heart 11.15/8 5:30 am
Find Balance to Find Peace 11.15/27 5:30 am
Finding Your Center 11.15/28 5:30 am
From The Complex to the Simple - Chair Yoga 11.16/25 5:30 am
Honor Your Inner Beauty 11.16/7 5:30 am
How to Get Going 11.16/28 5:30 am
I Like Who I Become When I Try 11.16/21 5:30 am
Intention, Knowledge, and Action 11.15/29 5:30 am
Lather, Rinse, Repea 11.16/20 5:30 am
Learning to Do Just Enough 11.15/10 5:30 am
Learning to Slow Down 11.15/15 5:30 am
Learning to Take A Leap 11.16/17 5:30 am
Love Yourself As You Are 11.16/27 5:30 am
Nature and the Cycle of Creation 11.15/24 5:30 am
Open, Steady, and Patient 11.16/18 5:30 am
Opening to Self-Love 11.15/16 5:30 am
Our Breath Is Our Conversation with the World 11.15/22 5:30 am
Plant A Good Garden 11.16/24 5:30 am
Remembrance 11.15/21 5:30 am
Shining Brightly 11.15/13 5:30 am
Simplicity, Patience, Compassion - Chair Yoga 11.16/11 5:30 am
Stand In Your Light 11.15/6 5:30 am
Steadiness and Freedom 11.15/9 5:30 am
Strengthening The Back 11.15/1 5:30 am
The Art of Connection 11.15/17 5:30 am
The Dance of Confidence 11.15/31 5:30 am
The Inner Fire of Transformation 11.16/6 5:30 am
The Sweetness of Learning to Let Go - Restorative Yoga 11.16/26 5:30 am
Transforming Fear Into Joy 11.15/30 5:30 am
What Makes You Come Alive? 11.16/12 5:30 am
Where You Look Matters 11.15/20 5:30 am
With Each Step I Arrive 11.16/14 5:30 am
Your Practice Is A Journey 11.15/23 5:30 am